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 A Leading Global Supplier of Aerosol Actuators and Valves 

We're all about relationships

At Summit, we make your business our business. We believe that getting to know you and the specific needs of your company will result in a more strategically-driven supply chain.

How can we help you?

We’d love to learn more about your business and discuss how our aerosol valve products can provide you with a strategic advantage within your industry.

Valve manufacturing

Talk to our team and learn why leading brands throughout the globe trust Summit Packaging Systems for their actuator and aerosol valve manufacturing.


Quality, Service, Price & Technology

While our patented technology and processes are complex, our strategy is simple:  Quality, Quantity, and Innovation.

  • Every facet of our organization is designed for performance quality based on the end-to-end satisfaction of our customers. We strive for quality through continuous improvement of our products, process, and systems.

  • With thousands of products manufactured daily, we are a leading global supplier of aerosol valves and actuators.

  • We maintain a commitment to innovation, combining the latest valve and machine technology with cost-saving initiatives.

Founded in 1976, Summit is a global leader in the aerosol valve industry, with five manufacturing plants strategically positioned throughout the world.


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